Palouse Spring Storms

I love the springtime in the Palouse for many reasons:  goodbye to snow, hello to greens, clouds aplenty, and rain storms visiting frequently.  The bane of landscape photographers is clear skies.  Though a clear sunny day is definitely beautiful, it isn’t entirely picturesque when you desire to photograph landscapes.  The ever-changing springtime weather is very enjoyable.  The clouds could look menacing, just to clear up 30 minutes later with beautiful sunlight streaming through accentuating the escaping clouds.  Here is a sampling of a Palouse spring:

Sunset over Tekoa Mountain

Spring Growth and Fall Remnants

Winter Wheat Morning Dew

Union Flat Spring Afternoon


Silver Falls, Cannon Beach and the Gorge

These three places were the primary stops during my recent honeymoon. I had never been to Silver Falls and my wife’s love of waterfalls made it that much of an easier choice. We hiked to six waterfalls along the main trail. Cannon Beach was a great experience as usual. Ecola State Park, especially Indian Beach, is amazing! The conditions in the Gorge were clear skies and lots of sunshine…not the most ideal conditions for waterfalls shots but the sunset over the river our one evening there was very nice. Here’s a handful of photos from the trip.

North Falls in the rain

Winter Falls

Middle North Falls

Indian Beach Detail (3 shots from 24 TS-E)

Indian Beach Barnacles

Indian Beach Tidepool (2 shots from 24 TS-E)

Columbia Gorge Sunset

Bridal Veil Falls stream