Winter Dawn from Steptoe

The past 10 days has seen winter’s reemergence in the Palouse. Snow first led to a meeting among myself, Peyton Hale, and Grant Meyer. Our destination was Steptoe; our hope was the fog seen along the highway would have breaks, kindly giving us fantastic conditions. Fortunately the weather cooperated for us stingy photographers and provided a wonderful dawn. Here are three photos from that morning.

Photos and Details:

(1) Shot with 70-200 + 1.4 extender and cropped after further consideration. Tekoa Mountain is visible in the distance just above the fog.

Snowy Hillside and Fog

(2) Two shot (landscape) panorama stitched in Photoshop. This was shot before sunrise, providing very soft, low contrast light.

Foggy Dawn from Steptoe, Winter

(3) My favorite image. Three shot (portrait) panorama stitched in Photoshop. No filtration used. The earth shadow was quite strong and complimented the receding fog and snow covered hills. I find a three shot portrait-oriented panorama crops very well to the native 2:3 aspect ratio of my camera.

Twilight Arch and Fog over Wintry Palouse


4 thoughts on “Winter Dawn from Steptoe

  1. Beautiful morning well captured, Aaron! I love in that third shot how the hills just seem to dissolve into cloud, like snow snakes on a winter road. I could say something similar about #2 as well. Wish we’d get a little of that winter down here!

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