Kamiak Butte Frost

I feel like I’m going to fall behind with the recent good weather and inevitable increase of me taking photographs given the conditions locally. It has already been a busy weekend with more photos to be taken!

Last weekend my wife and I went on a short hike at Kamiak Butte. The trail’s switchbacks were very icy; once atop the butte it was less slick. The hoarfrost on the trees and shrubs was outstanding. I could have spent a while trying to find the best composition but opted for a few short stops. This scene greeted me once atop the butte:

Kamiak Tree Hoarfrost

We retraced the path back to the car, at which time I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I had already noticed the “X” these two fallen trees made and liked how the line lead up to other trees. I used the 24 tilt/shift and took two images (shifted) to get this square crop of the scene.

Fallen Trees atop Kamiak Butte


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