Palouse Winter Frost

While the Northeast gets slammed with more winter weather, the West has seen an unusually mild winter. Though we did have very cold temperatures here in the Palouse in early December, January has felt more like March. In the middle of a week-long inversion in Eastern Washington, a perpetual fog has hung over the Palouse this week. This has lead to some interesting photographic opportunities with frost on virtually everything. Unfortunately the frost is very spotty; what may seem like great conditions out my front window aren’t so great 10 miles away. Nonetheless I have taken a few images this week.

This first image shows the inversion hanging over the Palouse. I drove up Steptoe Butte to see what the view looked like in this weather. No sign of the Palouse below!

Moscow Mountain as seen from Steptoe

On another less foggy day, though still overcast, I drove a loop that has become standard. At one of my favorite vistas I took these two images.

Frosted Field Curves

Frosted Fence


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