November at Palouse Falls

It had been cold enough for a few days in mid-November to pique my interest in a trip to Palouse Falls.  I was pleased with the amount of ice around the falls but knew it would be more impressive as Winter progresses.  After all, we aren’t technically in the Winter season yet.  With more chilling temperatures this week, the possibilities of more ice increases.  Nonetheless here are two images from the Upper Falls.  The black and white image was taken with the 24mm TSE (two shots stitched).  The 1×2 panorama is a four shot stitch taken at 70mm.

Upper Falls and Ice Patch

Upper Falls and Reflected Light

A hike to the Upper Falls was my first priority with photographs of the main falls taking a backseat.  There was a glimmer of hope the sun would align to create a rainbow from the spray.  I was unsure exactly where I would position myself but as I walked along the fenceline I found a great vantage point.  Clouds blocked the rays, erasing the rainbow from time to time but I was able to capture a few frames, this one being my favorite.

Rainbow and Ice


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