Palouse Canyon Autumn Dawn

Here are three different perspectives overlooking the Palouse River Canyon during the Fall season.  I must admit the first image was taken earlier in Fall and is 99% evergreens.  I have previously visited this place.  My initial image result was a three-shot stitch using the 24mm TSE lens.  I was more concerned with using tilt (downward for DOF) and lateral shift that I did not take into account the distorted leaning trees along the edges.  This time I chose to forego tilt for DOF, shifted up for perspective control, and rotated the tripod head for a total of three images.  The trees behaved much nicer this time around.  (I must admit I only recently discovered the tilt and shift axes on the new 24mm TSE can be independently adjusted so I could have tilted for DOF as well as shifted up for perspective control…oh well, guess I have to go back again!)

Palouse Goosneck Dawn

The second image conveys the feel of a Palouse Fall (plowed fields, shades of brown) rather than the typical golden glow of foliage.  The light was beautifully clear; the temperature was numbing.  I took many photographers this particular morning but this one stands out as my favorite.  Though it is not obvious, the Palouse River sits just below the foremost row of trees.

Cold Autumn Dawn

The third and final image does capture a hint of fall color in the cottonwood trees.  I went to this location hoping for fog rolling off the river.  Though it was cold, the fog never materialized as I had hoped.  Nonetheless, in the minutes before sunrise, I took three images with the 70-200 lens to created this image.

Autumn along Palouse River


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