Black and White Palouse

The primary mindset I have when photographing is color.  Many people shoot only in color, reserving black and white for midday light and other times the light isn’t quite right.  This has usually been my mindset, though over the past few months I have started to approach this differently.  In color photography, the main aspects to consider are how the colors contrast and complement each other in a composition (strong red-orange light at sunrise or sunset, or contrast warm and cool tones, etc.).  I have typically treated black and white images as ones that just wouldn’t work with color but I would try and salvage an image nonetheless.  Then I began playing around with converting fine color images (or what I thought were fine) to black and white and seeing the results.  Below are a few images I have taken over the summer that turned out much better in black and white than they would have in color (and some were taken in fine early day light).

Road through wheat

Old Chevy

Decaying Combine

Wooden Gate



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