Palouse Harvest Moon

I have many many pictures and posts to get caught up sharing my summer photographs.  I suppose I will begin catching up by sharing some more recent photographs.  Late September this year, the harvest moon gave me a couple good opportunities to photograph in the morning and evening.  Usually shooting a full moon rising or setting can be done on separate days, based mostly on when the sunrise/sunset is relative to moonset/moonrise, respectively.  Of course, depending on the subject, having the moon higher in the sky yet almost full would cause the photograph to be taken two or three days from the actual full moon.  Anyway, all these times can be understood by downloading The Photographer’s Ephemeris and studying the times around the full moon.

The most difficult aspect of moon photography is having the conditions cooperate.  There have been times I have wanted to shoot the moon in the morning or evening, only to be nullified by clouds.  Some clouds can be nice, but I prefer clearer skies leading to increased chances of capturing the moon how I have envisioned.  September 19, 2013 the moonset coincided nicely with sunrise, as did moonrise at sunset.  I thought it pretty unique capturing both events on the bookends of the day.

Technical Details:  Both shots were taken with a 70-200 f/4 + 1.4x Canon lens using a 3-stop soft Lee Graduated Neutral Density filter.  I decreased the saturation of the orange channel in ACR to help give the moon a more natural color.  Many channel masks were used in Photoshop (Tony Kuyper methods) to balance the contrast, luminosity, and saturation.

Moonset over Steptoe

Moonrise over Palouse River Canyon


2 thoughts on “Palouse Harvest Moon

  1. Very nice, Aaron, especially #2! That tapestry of woods and fields with the moon cresting the mountain is about as classic a Harvest Moon image as you could wish for!

    • Thank you Jackson. The second photo is from a place I recently found this summer and wanted to shoot sunset from there. The moon alignment was an added reason (bonus) for going there that particular day.

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