Palouse River Character

Rivers are unique.  The Colorado and Green are known for the path it has cut through the sandstone in Arizona and Utah.  The Salmon is known as the River of No Return.  The Snake starts in Yellowstone, meanders through Wyoming with the Tetons as a backdrop, continues through lava canyons in Southern Idaho and ultimately carves Hells Canyon.  Though the Palouse River is small and not a river in the Northwest that sticks out in most people’s minds, it has strong character along its path through the Palouse to the Channeled Scablands.

I am just beginning to get familiar with this river.  Its course through the farmland provides a change in scenery.  Often one can see the emergence of the canyon with the tall pines peaking above the rolling loess.  Many people are familiar with Palouse Falls, near the terminus of the river.

Upper Palouse Falls and Reflection

I recently shot sunrise along a beautiful gooseneck within the farmland and ended the day at Palouse Falls, in an environment that seemed much further removed than the 100 or so miles would suggest.  Though the bookends of the day were spent photographing the river, the remained of the day was not spent behind a camera.  Since this time I have sought out more opportunities along the river.  Though more photos have been taken of locations that are new to me, I still have much time ahead to truly capture the character of this river.  Such a capture would not only illustrate the geographic changes this river experiences but also the seasonal changes it experiences.

Gooseneck Dawn

Morning Fog along the Palouse


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