Palouse Winter Scenes 2013

The Palouse has been snow covered many days this Winter giving me plenty of opportunities for photos.  Here is a sampling of my favorite shots:

Foggy view from Kamiak Butte

Sunrise over Kamiak Butte

The next four images were taken when my buddy Ray Still visited the area.  He happened to arrive the day we got a few inches of snow, and with temperatures in the 20s the snow wasn’t leaving.  I drove to a certain spot I have wanted to visit during winter.  The road is dirt and not maintained so a short hike through the snow was required.  The drifts were a little deeper than expected when up top; at least it was just below the knees.  The wind wasn’t too bad but persistent, not the best ally when using a 400mm.  I tried to block it every which way and carefully used mirror lock-up.  However, all the shots weren’t that sharp from the hilltop vantage with the 400mm.  The next two images were taken during this time.  I had no idea I had captured a school bus in the lower corner on the road.  I was more concerned with framing the mountain and the power lines.

Winter Palouse Sunset

End of the school day

After we walked back down, I was pretty sure we were finished.  But as I drove along the road, the light was too good to resist.  I finally stopped.  Ray and I shot for a few more minutes.  This time I opted for the 70-200 f/4 with 1.4x.  The wind wasn’t a factor but I had to tediously manually focus due to the very low light.  The first image has a pinkish hue in the center due to me shooting directly into the sun.  The sun had already set, but its light still cast strong colors across the scene.  No filtration was used, and the exposure was very even.  The last image was taken from the same vantage as the first.  However, this was the scene directly behind me.  Again, no filtration, but beautiful soft, even light.  It was a good evening of shooting!

Palouse Winter Twilight #1

Palouse Winter Twilight #2


One thought on “Palouse Winter Scenes 2013

  1. Very nice set, Aaron! I love the soft, northern foggy feeling in the first one, and the light is very sweet in all. The school bus shot is my favorite, the bus adds both a sense of loneliness and a sense of home to the big cold landscape, and the curve of snow in the road is really beautiful.

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