Winter Light over Lewiston-Clarkston Valley

Photography during Winter is always interesting.  The low-angle of light lasts throughout the day, most notably at higher latitudes.  Such light transforms the otherwise bland midday light into nice oblique light casting shadows across the land.  This rarely leads to flat, dimensionless lighting conditions.

Many times I’ve driven the Lewiston Grade.  US Highway 95 climbs from the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater rivers up to the hills of the Palouse.  The grade climbs almost 2000 feet providing many views of the valley below.  On clear days Hells Canyon can be viewed along with the mountains flanking the river forming the Idaho and Washington border.  Many times I’ve gazed across the valley while driving down the grade.  Most times the haze is too much or the conditions are not quite right.  However, on an early December day the midday light was streaming through the clouds, providing dramatic light across the entirety of the valley.

Afternoon light over the Orchards of Lewiston, Idaho.

The Snake River dividing idaho and Washington.

My next post will provide a contrast between two photographs taken of a very similar scene yet captured almost four months apart.


One thought on “Winter Light over Lewiston-Clarkston Valley

  1. Nice Aaron, I definitely like the hazy light and slanting beams here. Lewiston’s a lot prettier from above then when one is getting lost by the water treatment plant while driving through.

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