Palouse Summer Sunrise

There’s something special about sunrise. There is certain stillness that slowly breaks as more light streams across the land. The coolness in the air is different; the warmth of the day still lingers. Despite midday temperatures near 90 in the Palouse, the past two mornings last week I’ve shot sunrise the temperature was in the mid-40s. I believe what makes it most special is not everyone happens to witness the sun rising. Most everyone sees the sunset, whether they’re going home from work, outside enjoying the afternoon, or just driving along the road. Not everyone happens to be up early enough to see sunrise, especially during the summer months when sunrise comes so early!

These sunrise images from the Palouse cover both Idaho and Washington. The Washington location was so great I went back twice within two weeks. The first time a friend and I got rained on more than we expected. The next visit, the light painted the hills’ edge so well that I couldn’t have been more satisfied by just simply framing the shot. Enjoy the sunrise scenes!

Idaho Sunrise

Moscow Mountain Sunrise

Rain Cloud at Sunrise

Rain Cloud Detail

Sunrise Cloud over the Palouse


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