Palouse and Camas Prairie Spring

After a winter that stubbornly released its grip, the weather has warmed, the rain (and snow) has diminished and the greens are starting to sprout throughout the fields.  Though only winter wheat is displaying its sprigs, patches of green lay amidst the harrow, fallow, and tilled fields.  I found one large patch of winter wheat recently with a great patchwork of harrowed field to the north.  The undulations were given subtle texture by the sunset light.

Harrowed Fields

400mm Field Detail

The April full moon had caught my interest due to its azimuth at sunset aligning well with a barn I’ve visited numerous times.  Unfortunately clouds along the horizon prevented the moon from being seen.  Though no photos were taken that evening, I was already preparing for a moonset shooting in a few days.  That day happened to be on Saturday.  I went to my usual spot for sunrise:  Skyline Drive.  There were no clouds in the sky that morning to add color or atmosphere, but the moon aligned well with Steptoe Butte positioned on the left side of the frame.  Numerous photos were taken that particular morning.  I even sprinted back to the car to change lenses to my 400mm.  Those shots didn’t turn out quite well; the wind conspired to soften the images too much for my liking.  Here is the one shot I prefer from that cool Spring morning.

Spring Moonset from Skyline Drive

Besides spending time in the Palouse during the spring, I’ve also been spending much more time in the Camas Prairie of North Central Idaho, thanks to my fiancee’s parents living in that area. After numerous weekends that I’ve promised myself I’d awake for sunrise I finally got up early enough after finding a nice vantage. The previous day’s exploration also lead me to this nice view near the Clearwater Canyon.

Rolling Camas Prairie

Camas Prairie Sunrise

Finally, in my never ending quest to explore any road with “ridge” or “grade” in the name I found some fantastic views overlooking the farmland outside of Lewiston. This viewpoint looks well beyond the Clearwater Canyon and onto the distant foothills of the Clearwater Mountains. I’m looking forward to numerous revisits to these areas to capture new light at each opportunity.

Afternoon Light above Lewiston

Fields above Clearwater Canyon


5 thoughts on “Palouse and Camas Prairie Spring

  1. Nice work all around, Aaron! Spring Moonset is absolutely killer, perfect shot! It’s cool to see your stuff from the Camas Prairie too, I never quite made it up there.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Jackson and Joretta. I’ll be going to the Oregon coast soon, seeing lots of waterfalls along the way. I’m going to be overwhelmed with pictures to choose and edit!

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