Leslie Gulch and the 24 TS-E II

I always look forward to time spent in the Owyhees whether its on the Idaho or Oregon side.  My most recent time spent in that area was in mid-March for a quick overnight camping in Leslie Gulch with some friends and my fiancee.  This is made the fourth or fifith visit to this amazing area.  I intended to use my new 24 TS-E lens as much as possible.  I’ve had the lens a couple months and haven’t had enough time to get consistent results using tilt.  I know time and experience will get me there bu on this trip I was more concerned with playing with the shift capability and creating panoramas.  Some single frame photos were taken usually  shot between F/11 and F/16.  Again, my goal wasn’t to spend time focusing, tilting and making numerous adjustments.  I had others to spend time with hiking so I did not want to absorb time in that manner.  Here are a few shots from our hike in Juniper Gulch.


Juniper Gulch


3-shot stitch, Juniper Gulch Detail


Shadow Detail, Juniper Gulch


We stayed at the campground near the boat launch into the Owyhee Reservoir.  I ventured around opposite the campground at sunset.  It was a cloudless sky but a nice set time nonetheless.  These large formations were interesting.  There was an even more massive column that I had in mind for sunrise, but those plans changed once I awoke.  Here’s a two-shot stitch at sunset.


Leslie Gulch Sunset


The following morning was windy and cloudy.  I fought myself wanting to stay a little longer in my sleeping bad.  Photography-sense got the better of me when I reasoned I had come to Leslie Gulch for that purpose.  Good sunrise, bad sunrise or something in between, I had to get out with the camera regardless.  Despite the wind and the clouds a little warm light broke through for a few brief moments.


Sunrise, Leslie Gulch


Lastly, once breakfast was eaten and everything packed up, there was one unnamed gulch that had caught our eye the day before.  As we started down I remembered going down it before but the thick brush and steep walls kept me from venturing much further.  This time I went further, but still have yet to see it to the end.  Just a nice excuse to head back someday!


Unnamed Gulch


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