Kamiak Butte Winter

This has been my first post in a while.  I have one more that’s 99% done and another in the making.

I’ve been wanting to stretch my legs for the last couple months.  I finally got the opportunity this past Sunday afternoon to go hiking at Kamiak Butte with my fiancee.  The previous night left about an inch of snow on the ground.  According to forecasts this is a prelude to much more snow over the week.  Regardless it was a beautiful, sunny day with great clouds floating above the Palouse.  There are many good views along the trail once you are atop the butte.  After the switchbacks the first opening provides views such as these:

View South from Kamiak Butte



A little further along the trail there is a small opening giving you a view of Steptoe Butte in the distance.  As I was shooting this scene I was envisioning a sunset with potential.  I vacillated between staying atop the butte or hustling back down to the car and going to another view of the butte.  The former decision would have resulted in a longer wait while the latter would be cutting it close to capturing sunset.  I ultimately decided on the latter and made it just in time.  The sunset around Steptoe Butte didn’t materialize as I’d hoped.  However other clouds caught nice light.

Steptoe from Kamiak


Sunset as seen from below Kamiak


3 thoughts on “Kamiak Butte Winter

  1. Nice Aaron! I’ve never seen any winter stuff from the Palouse. I really like the pastel-y white gold and blue palette in the first two, and the B&W is a beautiful comp. Nice to see you online again, hope fall has treated you well!

  2. Excellent Composition in your Photographs, I agree with the previous comment, the pastel colours in your photographs are stunning.

  3. Thank you for the comments Jackson and callumsnape! Unfortunately I didn’t get any snow pictures with all the snow we recently got. I’ll get out this weekend but it’ll be in melted patches by then.

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