Palouse Spring

Springtime in the Palouse brings many things to the area: wildflowers, greening of the hills and increased accessibility to backroads.  Many backroads in the Palouse are maintained gravel roads.  However, there are also quite a few roads that are unmaintained dirt roads.  These roads put you even closer to the fields; at times I’ve felt like I was driving through a field with all the overgrowth in the dirt path.  I recently took the opportunity to explore a little more of the Palouse between Spangle and Steptoe.  I had planned to take only backroads.  That plan was successful but I was surprised at the amount of dirt roads I encountered.  My atlas had them all classified as “maintained gravel” but a majority of them were dirt.  That was fine with me.  The ground was dry and the driving was smooth (for the most part).  Along that route I found many “new” spots for photographic opportunity.  I’ve already revisited some on a couple different occasions to capture the scene in better light.  One such area was near Steptoe Butte.  I found a great pairing: an old shed and windmill.  Later that evening I discovered that the full moon would be rising in between these two.  I planned to revisit that location in a few days to capture that event.  I had also happened upon one of those dirt roads with seemingly endless vistas.  The road had numerous undulations, each one granting a different view of the surrounding hills and mountains to the east.  One such area afforded a great view of Steptoe Butte with a field of green wheat.


Spring Sunset


Spring Moonrise


Palouse Pair


Palouse Pair Moonrise


One thought on “Palouse Spring

  1. These are all great shots. I particularly like the last two but I can’t argue with the first two either. Beatiful!

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