This Week in the Palouse #4

I had some good weather to work this week around Moscow.  The photo week began with a circuitous trip down to Lewiston, taking mostly gravel backroads that I had not traveled.  I found a couple good spots and was pleased since these are about 10 minutes from my apartment.  I ended up revisiting this place in the afternoon to capture sunset.  It was very cloudy  but a touch of light was coming through.  I was satisfied with the two pictures that I came away with.  I went back to this area on Tuesday, despite the fog and cloud cover, hoping the conditions would improve or a little bit of dramatic sunset light would poke through.  That never happened but nothing was really lost; just another short trip with no results.  The three following pictures were taken from the same viewpoint.  I used a 2-stop GND (graduated neutral density filter) to capture these but for the square cropped image I used a 2-stop reverse GND which darkened the sky a little more and exposed the land a little brighter.

Moscow Mountain at sunset

Farmhouse among the fields

Farmhouse among the fields (original)

On Wednesday I started out early in the morning by revisiting McCroskey Skyline Drive.  I was expecting a nice dramatic sunrise but it became evident that the sheet of clouds would stultify both the sunrise and my expectations.  Nevertheless I took a couple pictures from the vantage point.  What was most interesting was the snow that abruptly appeared once at the foothills of the Skyline Drive.  In one of my pictures, you can see the odd demarcation of where the snow begins and ends.  The morning clouds broke up during the day filling me once again with expectations of good light, this time at sunset.  I ventured over to a previous location where I’ve taken pictures of Moscow Mountain.  There I setup and waited for the show.  It looked very promising with clouds covering the mountaintop  and low, fast moving clouds throughout the sky, but enough room for the sun to shine through.  Despite what my pictures show, the light never peaked like I hoped it would.  The final posted image was taken with a 4-stop neutral density filter (and a 3-stop GND for the sky) which allowed me to take a 30 second exposure to blur the cloud movement.  I’ve corrected for any white balance shifts to the filter, but it seems that the long exposure time captured more warm light than I was actually seeing.  I won’t complain…I like the picture.

Snowy Skyline Morn

Snow Demarcation

Moscow Mountain spotlight

Moscow Mountain: Long Exposure at Sunset


2 thoughts on “This Week in the Palouse #4

  1. Farmhouse Among the Fields (the cropped version) is just splendid, Aaron! The rippling clouds and opalescent sky are great, and put the house and fields in a perfect context. Very nice! I like Snow Demarcation too, very pleasantly understated.

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