This Week in the Palouse #3

Monday was disappointingly gorgeous.  I say that because the sunset was great, with nice puffy clouds and I was stuck walking back from class, driving back to my apartment knowing I hadn’t enough time to capture it.  The forecast for most of the week was clear skies.  The next two days delivered just that which usually isn’t the greatest conditions for landscapes:  having clouds in the scene adds so much.

My two excursions this week were on back-to-back days.  Tuesday evening I went just north of Moscow to a nice vantage point of the hills and Moscow Mountain.  I took quite a few shots as the sunset but captured the best light at twilight.  The anti-twilight arch was nice and strong behind the mountain and the soft light was great.  The following morning I got up early for sunrise.  Fortunately I wasn’t going too far so I got a few more minutes of sleep.  My destination was Little Bear Ridge in Idaho.  I accidentally took a road that is block during winter so I had to shoot from Burnt Ridge instead.  I was familiar with this area so I wasn’t too disappointed.  The barn in two of these pictures would be nicer if you could see more, but aside from being in the fields such a vantage point wasn’t available.  Despite the clear skies the night before, I was expecting much the same but was very excited to see some clouds on my drive out.  The clouds were only lit for a couple minutes but I had been standing around for about 30 minutes so I was ready when the light was ready.  Here are the three shots from the sunset and sunrise outings.

Moscow Mountain and anti-twilight arch

Palouse Range Panorama from Burnt Ridge

Sunrise over the Palouse Range


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