McCroskey Skyline Morning

Last night I decided to take advantage of an easy morrow by getting up very early.  This definitely seems counter-intuitive but it had been a week since my last photo and the previous couple days were very busy with schoolwork.  Anyway, I left Moscow at 5:30 am and set out for the McCroskey Skyline Drive.  This time, I was going to attack it from the Washington side.  I had seen some photos from this vantage on Google Earth and had envisioned a nice dawn breaking over the Palouse with Steptoe Butte in the distance.

The additionally nice thing about my plan was the clouds would be a bonus if they were to be around.  However, it was a cloudless dawn which suited me just as fine.    When I was last on the Drive photographing the sunset over the Palouse, I realized that a morning shot would create a better situation for the scene.  This is because of the antitwilight arch which is the pinkish band in the sky opposite the sunrise or sunset.  This is also (occasionally) accompanied by the earth shadow which is a blue band between the horizon and the antitwilight arch. The earth shadow wasn’t very strong this morning, but the antitwilight arch grew in intensity as the the dawn drew closer to sunrise.  The scene I envisioned materialized.  Here are two shots from this morning.  The first was taken about 15 minutes prior to the second and shows how the A-T arch grew in intensity over the time.  The third shot is a B&W shot (cropped to a pano orientation).  I see these bands often in the fields and this one made me stop and shoot.  This area was still in the shade.


Dawn over Steptoe Butte



Minutes from sunrise



Palouse textures



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