McCroskey Skyline Drive

The Mary Minerva McCroskey Memorial State Park (yes, that’s the name) is a small state park in Northern Idaho’s Palouse region.  What is most interesting about it (to me) is that the majority of it is in dense forest.  There are a few views available and they are very nice.  There are also a few hiking trails.  I recently headed up past Potlatch to explore this area since the afternoon weather was nice, aside from being cold.  I kept driving and driving wanting to get a view of the Palouse.  It wasn’t until the 12th mile that I finally left the forest and had a nice open view of the fields.  Looking at Google Earth, there are many more viewpoints along the drive if I had kept going, but I was content with this spot for the sunset.  I was right on the edge of the Palouse so there were a few forested buttes that oddly stuck out of the rolling field landscape.  I will definitely be going back and spending more time shooting both the sunrise and sunset as this area provides a good vantage for both.  I also found some nice barns that I’m looking to forward to shooting, especially in the spring.  Here are a few shots from the other night:


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