Hobo Cedar Grove

The Northern Panhandle of Idaho has a handful of old-growth Cedar groves interspersed among the forests.  One such grove, Hobo, is located 13 miles from the small town of Clarkia (it proudly boasts a population of “50+” on its sign).  From Clarkia, well marked forest service roads lead you to the grove.  All roads are gravel and well maintained though they are steep.  One doesn’t get much of glimpse of the giants until you get to the trailhead.  There are two trails through the grove.  One is a 1/2 mile nature walk with guideposts for an accompanying guidebook.  The second trail is simply called the Big Loop and it’s one mile long.  Both trails are well-marked.

I had visited this area once shortly after moving but the weather was clear and sunny — not ideal conditions for shooting in a forest.  I wanted to go back on a cloudy and even rainy day and got my wish this Saturday.  The rain helped naturally saturate the colors.  There wasn’t much so the effect wasn’t long-lived.  However, I spent over two hours very slowly walking the one mile loop while looking for photographic opportunities.  These are two of my more favorite take-aways.  (I have a total of four pictures posted on my website.)

Hobo Cedar Grove Big Loop Trail

Cedar trunks


2 thoughts on “Hobo Cedar Grove

  1. Aaron,

    As always, Ron and I love seeing your photos, especially because we’ve vacationed in some of these gorgeous areas. Someday, we hope to see a grove of California’s Giant Redwoods on your blog! You truly have an artist’s eye.

    Vicki Orbeck

  2. Vicki and Ron,

    Thanks for the comment! I’d love to check out the Redwoods again sometime. My first trip was great but only a couple decent photos. I think I’ll head up around St. Maries next weekend so I should have some more pictures to share then.

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