Moscow Trip

This week I drove up to Moscow to make plans for my move in August (to finish up my Masters).  I had planned to spend more time hiking and camping but the weather made me choose otherwise.  I’m looking forward to the new photographic opportunities around the Palouse region as well as the forests of Northern Idaho.  One such area is Elk Creek.  This creek is about an hour from Moscow and has three separate falls all packed close to each other.  The Upper and Lower Falls are the largest and have a beautiful flanking of columnar basalt.  I plan to visit this place a few more times and will hopefully come away with some nice photos.  The hike itself was quite different due to the lush forest which made me feel as though I was in Western Oregon.

While driving back from Elk River (the town along Elk Creek…what’s with that name??)  I was keeping a watchful eye for any wildlife.  I just so happened to spot a moose while driving along the highway.  Fortunately there was a turn-off right there.  The moose kept an eye on me as I switched my lens and gratefully held his position while I got ready to shoot.  I took four pictures (nothing really special) but here is the evidence of the moose:

My initial plan was to camp at least one night at Pittsburg Landing along the Snake River in Hells Canyon.  The intermittent yet torrential rain made me decide otherwise.  I still wanted to experience the route which the map says “good brakes and transmission are vital.”  It was indeed a steep climb (around 3500 or so feet over 11 miles) but the view at the top of the road was fantastic:

Finally, as I continued on the long drive back to Boise, I got to witness rivers and streams ferociously overflowing with all the recent rain.  The Little Salmon River between New Meadows and Riggins made the drive back interesting.  I was finally able to pull into a turn-out and shot a quick video showing the rushing river.


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