Leslie Gulch in Spring

Leslie Gulch in Spring

In the spirit of information and opinion proliferation, I’ve decided to start a web log of my photographic trips.  This will serve as a better and more thorough method than the occasional email that I send out with sparse details.  Here is the first installment:

Having finished my spring semester it was time for me to unwind and take some photos.  My plan was to go to the Three Forks of the Owyhee River but road conditions (seasonal streams overflowing) made me rethink once I was only 14 miles away from the destination.  Having traveled all that way and prepared to camp I decided to stop off at Leslie Gulch with a trip through Succor Creek the following day.

It was a serendipitous contingency since the campground at Leslie Gulch had a picnic table and was covered.  The evening conditions were cloudy so I focused primarily on more intimate extract scenes, such as this flower beside a wash.

Some of the washes that I explored had an unusual limestone look.  (Although it isn’t limestone, it just reminded me of the Windows section in Big Bend Nat’l Park.)  In this shot I took the liberty to create the scene.  I liked the pool and rings in the rock but it was lacking balance both in color and dimension.  I grabbed a rock that was a couple feet away and placed it in the corner to create this image:

The following morning was cloudy and rainy (and cold) so I had a leisurely breakfast and then set off exploring various washes off the main road through the gulch.  The green of spring contrasted well with the rocks within the gulch.

After spending a couple hours slowly making my way out of the gulch the sun began to break through and the sky complimented the wide-open spaces nicely.  I was hoping the forecast would be accurate and the cloudy, rainy conditions would make for midday photo opportunities.  Instead, while I was going through Succor Creek canyon at noon, the sun was blazing creating highly contrasty scenes.

All things considered it was a rejuvenating trip; a nice prelude to a summer hopefully full of camping, hiking and photos.


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